We are currently in the process of initial sampling of sites and experimental removals. If you are interested in becoming a member site, please, contact us. The more sites, the better our understanding of the future of kelp forests around the globe.

What do we ask?
We have two current projects we’re shooting for: a manipulative experiment — kelp removals that, with many sites participating, will span a large thermal gradient — and an observational experiment — whole community sampling across the widest range of environmental conditions possible. All we ask is that you either perform the manipulation and follow up at one site in one year, or, you include one site in our long-term community monitoring. That’s it. One site, one method. We’re trying to embrace the crowdsourcing philosophy – that many hands will make light work

What do we give?
First, we give a set of standardized methods, datasheets, and regional species guides available here which we invite you to contriute to. We also provide a network of local and global collaborators to communicate with for planning and collaboration even beyond KEEN. We also provide data management services via the Australia Oceans Data Network.

Our long-term plan is to send all member sites a set of environmental sensors, gear to install them, data management, and access to the data firehose that we’re hoping to create. Not only that, but we welcome collaboration within the network to use the core measurements as a jumping off point for other related work. We want to facilitate collaboration and synergies within the kelp forest research community to promote new work at the global scale!

I’m intrigued. But, I’d like some more details…
Wonderful! Check out our handbook of materials and methods for surveys and experiments. It also has a set of pre-made data sheets. If you have more questions or want to know more, email Jarrett and your regional co-ordinator. We’d love to have you on board.