We’re currently integrating a wide variety of data sources. Please come back soon to see what data we have to share or resources for publicly available kelp forest data. If you have data you’re interested in contributing, please contact us. Every piece counts, and the sum of all of our data will be much greater than its parts.

1) Data from Krumhansl et al., Global patterns of kelp forest change over the past half-century:

  • Raw clean data from multiple datasets around the globe
  • Aggregate data from around the globe for analysis
  • Repository of code to filter data and replicate analysis and figures from the paper

2) Data from KEEN surveys of kelp forest communities (ongoing)

  • We are currently waiting for the final QC of our data on Temperate Reefbase. Until then, our clean data, processing scripts, and analysis examples are available on github.
    Please contact us before using.

See also the the SBC LTER kelp forest data sets which can be merged with our own observational dataset for a larger comparative analysis.